Gas is not being paid or transferred

My wallet address is AXHWyDQGfbYvAz3zvhS6Y9Rrie3HnvJvXU. Gas is not being paid or transferred. I hope you solve this problem. And please give us the gas that you didn’t receive.

Hi chea, the Neo legacy network has already stopped generating GAS.
Please check pinned twitter:

Neo N3 empolys a new mechanism to claim gas. Users can claim gas by transferring neo tokens to themselves.

Neo transmission from the O3 mobile wallet to the exchange is not possible. What’s the reason? What else can I do to solve this problem?

Hi chea, O3 wallet mobile does not support the N3 network right now, but it might be possible in the following months, please wait for the official announcement. We are sorry for causing inconvenience, and please use the desktop version.