Gas is not updated


Using iOS wallet.
Gas in not updated. It shows the initial amount after the first update.


Hi there,

Please make sure you are on the latest version of the app otherwise claiming might not work.
Also please note you have to click through the claim process twice, first for the update and then to claim. If the update is not working correctly you can try to send all your NEO to yourself (so from your O3 address to your own O3 address), this will reset the claiming if there’s an error. Please just make sure you don’t send the NEO to the wrong address otherwise you lose everything.

If that doesn’t work can you send me an e-mail at
Please include your wallet address and what version of the app you are on.


Here is a breakdown of what happened. I’ve claimed successfuly part if the Gas that the wallet was showing. After that the wallet is showing the remaining Gas. I actually had 0.6 Gas and wallet was showing 0.5. After I’ve claimed 0.5 the Update option was available. After update I can claim the remaining 0.1 gas.
It seems there’s some problem with the update feature where wallet is not aware that it needs to update gas.


Hi again,

I think it should work as normal now, but if not please let us know again.



Hi Arco,
still not working as it should. The gas amount is still stuck. Once I claim gas it gets updated. I think the solution would be to always show update/refresh button. Now I can only see claim button.


If you only see a claim button meaning you can claim gas now. Your gas is always accumulating as long as NEO blockchain produces a block. The amount you see in the app with a claim button is the exact claimable amount (at the block that transaction is recorded) Once you claimed, the gas amount will start accumulating again. You will never lose your GAS in the process. O3 app never takes your GAS.

We introduced this two steps process to help make sure that the claimable gas amount matches exactly what a user would get at the time of tapping “claim”

You wouldn’t imagine how many emails we received asking us about “WHERE IS MY GAS???” or even accusing us of stealing their GAS when it’s 0.00000001 unmatch.

We will keep improving the user experience for it. Also, Thanks for your suggestion.


No worries I know you will not take my precious Gas. However I would like it to work like Neon i.e. up to date unclaimed Gas amount is shown. If I look Neon or Neotracker it shows 0.04528356 of unclaimed Gas and in O3 wallet shows 0.00012432


Can you post a screenshot of your wallet tab here? Where it shows the amount of unclaimed GAS? Also have you tried to refresh (drag screen down) and update the claimable GAS?


Yes I’ve tried dragging the screen down. No change. I’ve uploaded a screenshot


Yes, you must claim the amount to see the accumulating gas again.

We will think about how to make this gas claiming process better.