Gas is still struggling


The claim GAS option is still not working. Also, don’t see any Airdrop from MCT that was promised. I know you all are working hard, but these things need to be taken care of if you want to be a mainstream hot wallet.


We had been working on resolving the issue whole morning.
Everything should be back to normal now. Can you try again?


Still doesn’t work. Cliaming gas is unavailable


Or unworkable. Still can’t claim it.


Seems like can’t claim gas after the update iOS app.


Cant claim gas and also amount isn’t updating. Not getting all of the Airdrop. App is not working.


I want this to be a tier one app. Let’s go!


ShefPan, Our team is working hard to get this done. There are many infrastructure changes going on in the background. We are handling an influx of traffic


I am rooting for you guys to get it figured out. I really like the wallet and want to continue using it!


It’s working again now, if you download the latest version of the app through the app store!


Hey Arco!

I have been unable to claim gas since the recent iOS update. It worked fine for me before. Not working after the update. Any suggestions?


Hey there, sorry to hear that. Did you download the latest one that we released today? We are having another issue right now with balances showing 0… Tough day… Sorry for all the inconvenience, we’re on top of it and are solving it as soon as we can. In the meantime you can check your balances by inputting your wallet address in


Hi i have the same issue !
I can’t recived GAS for more than two weeks !
Can you help me with that !!!


It’s Still not working…


I responded to email I got notifying me of your response whoops! Just got an email back saying it couldn’t be sent.

Hey Arco,
I sure did! My issue didn’t start until after I downloaded the new update yesterday ( 1.3.2 ) - my App Store isn’t showing a newer update from today yet.

I saw th release notes of improving gas claim and thought to myself “huh - I wasn’t having an issue, but cool!”. But then mine stopped working haha!

Appreciate your hard work! I love the app and I’m favt it is a primary reason I moved most of my holdings to the NEO smart economy.

I’m also experiencing the balances not showing correctly issue - but, as you said, I just check the trackers manually and see all it stuff is there.

Thank you again for your hard work! Just wanted to make sure you knew some of us were having the opposite effect haha!

I’ll keep checking throughout the day for a further update on the App Store.

Many thanks,


Hi Nathan, I’m sorry for all the trouble and thanks for your feedback and support!
We’re still working on solving some of the issues, but I think your balance should be showing now.
If it isn’t showing correctly, please try and switch the node by going to settings - network and select the node with the highest amount of blocks. Also you could try and reinstall the app completely (but make sure you have the private key backed up!!).



No worries! Thanks for the hard work. Balances are showing correctly now, seems that gas claim is still not Functioning. Perhaps I should try the old uninstall/reinstall trick if that isn’t something still in the works.


Gas claim still isn’t working.


Yes please try uninstalling and reinstalling. (of course back up your private key otherwise you lose everything)
We are still dealing with some issues, but GAS claiming should work though it might be a bit slow.
It’s been a rough week, but we’re trying to solve everything asap. Sorry to keep you waiting.


I should have resolved the majority of the gas claiming issues in version 1.3.3. It will be available as soon as possible. Thank you everyone for your patience and support :slight_smile: