Have not received my ONT yet


I sent 10 ONT to Bibox about 20 mins ago. Still have not received yet. O3 says transaction confirmed.
Plse look into it. Following is my transaction hash:



On the blockchain itself it has gone through. The problem lies on the exchange side. Usually it can take up to an hour or longer for exchanges to process your transaction. I would wait another hour and if still nothing you should contact bibox.

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Tks for quick reply…
I have still have not received the tokens yet.
Will raise matter with exchange later.


Reply i got from the exchange:

Hello, I am sorry to have kept you waiting.The TXID you provided has not been found on the block. Please contact the sending platform for verification.

I have sent to them a screenshot of confirmed transaction.


Hello Team,
I sent 221ONT from binance to my o3 wallet. The transaction has been confirmed but funds are not reflecting in my O3 wallet. Find wallet address and TXID below;
Address- AWywJ8cwid7YbfP9Gg5tv7LDJieiCRPHCR
Kindly assist.



O3 support please help. I wasnt having all these challenges when i initially setup this wallet.


Your ONT is in your wallet now and it is generating ONG. You just need to claim your claimable ONG once, and then you will see what has been generating in the background.