Have ONT, but no way to Stake it without ONG


I recently acquired ONT and was looking to stake it, but now I’m currently stuck, because I can’t without ONG, and I can’t transfer it because I don’t have ONG, so I am unsure what I am supposed to do now since I can’t really do anything with it…

O3 Wallet has removed the ONT staking function. So I would suggest you download the OWallet to stake ONT and earn ONG

I appreciate the info! Sadly, I’m on exodus and I need ONG to send my ONT anywhere… kinda silly how that works

Your token is stored on the blockchain, instead of a wallet.
so normally you can import your private key to any other wallet which supports ONT

Can someone please help and send me .05 ong so I can trasnfer ONT? thanks AQzUv8FCAMusE7WeK3TjAc3exCvhL81ZGX