Hello please help cant login my staketology account


Cant login in my staketology account thus is what i get.

thanks a lot


Hello can somebody help me please
now i have everything new installed but it doesent work .
my ont are sitting on there .



To be able to use it, you need to be on desktop and have the latest version 2.0.1 running. If you do not have that then it won’t let you connect.

Please make sure to update and then go to https://ontstake.o3.app and try again!


hi thanks now i did it twice but it wint let me open the staketology app everyother app is fine on the o3 but not staketology man this is crazy every time my pc thinks i open it with android but why are my ont save i was contributing the node but befor the next block i canceled it
thanks a lot



What version of the desktop app are you using?
Can you go into your browser settings, delete the cache and cookies from your browser and then try again?