Help, Cancel stake ONT


I started staking as usual, but now I did it in a node that appeared in the # 100 ranking at, offered 100% of the stake, I decided to join that node, but now The node " X "no longer appears in the list of available nodes, it appears in my panel that I have 1 stake = 500 ONT, but I am not winning anything for the Stake, and since the node does not appear I can not cancel the staking, I am worried does anyone Do you know how I can cancel?



When you click on the ‘view all consensus nodes’, can you find it in the list there?

Also, do you know the name of the node?

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when I see all the nodes, it does not appear, its node name I do not remember, I only know that it started “huob …” similar to “Huobi” the exchange …



There is a node called Huobi Wallet, do you see that? It’s not that one?


All the nodes shown, none of them have my contribution.
I will wait for the end of the round I hope my ONT is returned.
and so I can claim my ONT and send it to my wallet.



I cannot see the Huobi one on your screenshot though, can you confirm it’s showing in the list and it also doesn’t have your stake?

Also, just to double check, you did not cancel your stake yet, you only started staking recently?

Either way your ONT cannot be gone, so we’ll figure it out.


The node no longer appears, these are all nodes shown


And when you click on the #9 Huobi Wallet what does it show on that screen?


I did not do my stake in Huobi, what I was referring to is that the node that selects another node, which now does not appear in the node list.


Sorry can you please clarify this? Without having exact info we can’t really find out what happened.

Can you also please provide your wallet address so we can maybe try and find out where you staked and where it’s at now?


This is my address AMxLu23BwBDAjwCeQGM8qpPuTNfUMZuMQJ, I still can’t remove my ONT from Stacking, in my control panel it seems that I don’t have my ONT delegated to any node.