How do I back up my wallet? What is a Private Key/Encrypted Key?

Keeping your account safe and secure.

In order to keep your assets super secure, O3 does not hold any of your tokens on the device, nor do we have access to them. O3 is simply a gateway to interact with your assets on the blockchain.

To make sure your never lose access to your assets, this means you must back up your wallet keys, so if you ever lose your phone or logout of O3, you can log back in again later. O3 does not keep a copy of your keys for security reasons, so if it’s lost, it’s lost . There is nothing we can do to help.

Backing up your wallet

O3 recommends making a few copies of your private key and/ or encrypted key (see below for explanations) and keeping them in a safe place.

We also recommend printing a copy of your keys from the O3 desktop app and keeping them somewhere very safe, where no one can find them. Preferably in 2 or more different locations, because you can still lose them in a fire or through other damage. Better safe than sorry!

Your Private Key

You private key allows your to access your assets via any NEO wallet that allows login with a private key. This does not work with a password, so be very careful to not share your private key with anyone else. If someone else than yourself gets a hold of your private key they can access all your tokens, so please be careful with it and do not lose it!

Your encrypted key

An encrypted key is similar to your private key, with one big difference. It requires a password to work. So that means any would be thieves need your encrypted key and your password to access your account. Unfortunately there is no way to ‘reset’ your password so if you choose this option make sure you store your encrypted key and your password somewhere safe.