How do I find and retrieve my staked ONT

Hi, sorry for the dumb question but I can’t see my ONT which I had staked to Mixar but unstaked last year. I would like to find it and send it back to my wallet.

Hi Eric, When you unstaked and withdrew ONT from Staketology, your ONT back to your wallet directly. In the new version, we separated the wallet for different blockchains, therefore that is one possible reason you cannnot see your ONT. Please try to choose ‘ONT wallet’ before importing wallet with same private key with Neo wallet, then you will see your ONT.


Thanks for replying. I was never able to withdraw the staked ONT from Staketology, I tried to redeem it etc but it just always froze. I started with 1000 ONT, staked 500 with owallet and have that back but the 500 I staked with Staketology I can’t even find where it is, I can’t see it in Mixar node and it is not in my ONT wallet or my NEO wallet. Are you able to see if it has been moved? Starting to feel like Staketology was a scam.

Hi Eric, ONT stake on Staketology is associated with your wallet address (private key) essentially. Therefore, you can check your staked ONT on every ONT stake platform if you connect with the same wallet.
For example, you can import your private key (previous in O3 wallet) in Owallet to check your staked ONT.
Staketology is an ONT staking platform or a tool, not a scam.

Thanks again for your help. Are there any other staking platforms other than Owallet that you would recommend trying?

As far as I can tell when I staked 500 ONT using Staketology the coins went to this address AFmseVrdL9f9oyCzZefL9tG6UbviEH9ugK on the 25th Jan 2019 but that doesn’t seem to be one of my wallets?? Are you able to make sense of this?


I see what you mean, Staketology was removed from O3 Wallet from 1st November. We will no longer continue to upgrade and support it. As the topic you said before you were unstaked, so your ONTs were not in that address. The reason I recommend you to check with Owallet is O3Wallet and OWallet both use the WIF private key format. When you import in Owallet with same WIF, you will still see your unstaked ONTs and withdraw them.

I’m not 100% sure it was unstaked as it was so long ago. Where does it go once it’s unstaked? I’ve tried searching for stake on Owallet using my ONT wallet and NEO compatible ONT wallet (using Ledger) but no luck. Is there any other way I can find where it has gone? Moonbase and don’t seem to let you look for staked ONT.

I can see when the ONT went out into (AFmseVrdL9f9oyCzZefL9tG6UbviEH9ugK) is this the Mixar node wallet or have I been scammed some how.

Just had a looked and it’s not the Mixar address now. Was it ever?

Before withdraw, your ONTs were on the validator which Mixar. Staketology is a DApp that means non-custodial, we have no access to your assets and information. You may need to look for Mixar Validator for details.

Can you see that the ONT were withdrawn?

If so can you see the wallet address?

Sorry we cannot see any infomation about yout ONT