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I can’t log in my mobile app . Getting "Encrypted Key Detected " and it won’t recognized my sign in password???



Are you on the latest version of the app?
If you are, and it says your password is not recognized it means there is a mistake in your password. Please double check if you are not missing any characters or have one too many, or have caps lock on or something.

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No luck with password. Used pin to long forgot it. I have encrypted private key. Any way to change password ?
What if I created new wallet with same private key . Can that be done?


Got this O3 App from Google pay Store. New Version when I checked today today, 2.8.1 as of June 6 2019.
I have the one before June, the old version for Android.


Hmm, then the version should not matter really.
If you don’t remember your password there is pretty much nothing we can do. The encrypted private key needs the password, so unless you have the raw private key you won’t be able to log in or reset your password.

Once again, I suggest double checking whether you are missing any characters in your password and/or missing any caps, or just try all passwords that you can think of until you get the right one…


Just to double check, did you forget your password, or are you 100% sure your password is correct but it won’t let you in the app and gives you just a message saying ‘encrypted key detected’?


Not 100 percent but I think the password is right.
Like I said I was using the pin and thought google saved password. The message is there whenever I open the app. I am going thru all old passwords I’ve used. Hoping.


Hi there,

We have found something that will solve the issue you are having. We will release an update soon for the app, please wait until that is available, download it, then try again.

Let us know if it still doesn’t work after updating.

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When can I expect this update ? How long are we talking ?


It should be available in the app store, can you check?


Good News the auto update must have kicked in. My app is working.
Thanks for your help! You were GREAT!