How to get my private key?


Hi. Im using O3 mobile wallet. Recently there was an update, which required to create a password in order to obtain my private key. I did so, created a password, confirmed, then the app crashed. When I restarted the app, it only asked for a pin. I can enter my wallet, everything else works fine, but there is no option to see my private key. How can I get my private keys now?



Sorry for that. We’re working on a fix for this so it won’t happen again.
For now, you can simply go to ‘Manage Wallets’ in the settings menu (click … on bottom right).
Select the wallet you want to see the key for, fill in your password and then you can see the encrypted key and back it up. If you want to see the private key you can also do that from this page.

Hope this helps!



By the way, are you on Android or iOS?


That worked, thank you. Im on Android.