Hyperdragons Go

Are there people who can play this? I tried two months ago and never managed to log with my ledger nano s (error: Unexpected token S in JSON at position 0) using Cyano or O3.
This week I managed to log in with guest mode and tried to bind a wallet but didn’t worked eighter. But now I can’t log in with my email anymore, the site asks me to log in with my wallet, which I can’t.
Tried with 2 different email accounts and my NEO compatible adress and with my ONT only address. Both emails don’t work with guest mode, both asks to log in with my wallet. O3 also doesn’t recognize my Ledger Nano S when asking to sign the TX, with ONT app open It just gives me an error. (Unexpected token C in JSON at position 0). How can something not work that bad? So I’m the only one in the world not being able to log in this game? Amazing.
Since the game is an O3 app someone else must have tried playing it. Any ideas?

Unfortunately the integration for Hyperdragons Go for both O3 and Cyano is currently incompatible with Ledger device. However if you would like to play, I would suggest creating a new wallet in your O3 wallet just for Hyperdragons Go, and only load it with a small amount of ONG that you would like to play with. Please let me know if you have any trouble getting this going.

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Thank you Nick for clarifying this. No need to keep trying then. Don’t know how I missed that information… A new wallet does make it possible to play Ontology games.

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