I can't use my wallet

I can’t use my wallet.
The photo is the image at that time.
So I downloaded the app on another smartphone.
I have a backup of my private key but I can’t log in.

Hi Ryo,

We rebranded last year, changed the brand image, and launch a new app.
You could download a new O3 wallet via official website, Google Play and Appstore for mobile version.

Thank you for your reply.
I have a private key stored but I don’t know the password.
Where can I find it?

please make sure is the private key, not the encrypted key.
2 ways to import a wallet: 1. private key 2. encrypted key+password
*the password on the Private key page is a new password you need to create.

Thank you for your reply.
very helpful.
But I don’t know the difference between an encrypted key and a private key.
Can I see " backup this wallet "?

  • private key (52 characters)
  • encrypted key (58 characters)
    you can also click the ‘show my keys’ and see what type of key you have.
    If you have the private key, you can set a new password when you importing to the wallet.

Thank you for your polite support.
the problem has been solved.

Many thanks,