I claimed my GAS but it's not working. Where is my GAS?

Claiming not working

From time to time, O3 is unable to reach the claims server. We have no control over this at the moment due to the use of a third-party API. If this happens, don’t worry, your GAS will not be lost, and will continue to accumulate even if the API is not working, you may just have to wait a while before being able to claim it.

Claiming GAS in O3

If you hold NEO in your wallet, you accumulate GAS over time. You can claim this in your O3 wallet by visiting the Wallet screen and clicking the Claim button, next to the GAS counter. Normally first you need to sync your claimable GAS as there is always a slight difference between the ‘estimated’ and actual claimable GAS (see below). Once synced, the exact amount of claimable GAS will show and you will see a claim button. Clicking it will send the GAS to your wallet after a short amount of time.

Estimate vs claimable GAS

When your assets are not synced with the claim server, your wallet will show an estimate of claimable GAS. Depending on if you have sent or received NEO since the last sync, this estimate may be out of date. To see your exact claimable amount, click the sync button to update. Actually claiming is a two part process. In the first part (the syncing) you will send NEO to yourself, this will calculate how much GAS you will receive and will put this amount in a “pending state”. Then when you do the second part (the claiming) you will send NEO to yourself again to move the GAS from pending state to your wallet.

I’m having similar problems when clicking on icon to show gas and ong screen goes blank and I get shut out of app. Reopening app trying again the same thing happens I haven’t been able to claim gas or ong or even see balances for about a month? I thought maybe the feature is over? Please advise if this will be fixed.

Hi Geoffro, we rebranded and please upgrade to the latest version: http://o3.network/.
In the new version, we removed ONG claiming due to the official Ontology Team released their new Governance and Staking Economic Model: “The Ontology network will stop unbinding ONG from 00.00, July 7, 2020 (UTC). Unbound ONG from non-staked ONT, if not redeemed before 00.00, July 7, 2020 (UTC), will be sent to user’s wallet address along with users’ first transaction after 00.00, July 7, 2020 (UTC).”