I have problem to see ong meter


Why Ong meter reading cannot run? It’s stuck like that.


You seem to have a problem that many of us have suffered with when we first transferred in some ONT.
Rest assured your ONG will be ticking up in the background. You need to do a claim on your ONG, but you don’t have 0.01 to be able to do that.
If you check out the top post on the support page you should be able to ask for some there.
It would be wise to guestimate how long it will take to actually accumulate at least .03 ONG, based on how much ONT you have, before doing that first claim.
Her is a link to assist in making that calculation https://ontcalc.com


Exactly what @Griff said :wink:
You can post your address here: Cannot claim ONG? Want to request ONG? Check this topic
Please read through the top post. We can give you some ONG to get started with your first claim if necessary.


I need some 0.03 ong to generate my claim gas… Tq. This my address