I haven't receive all NRVE Token I used switched exchang Neo O3




PRICE: 0.00092003NEONRVE


OCT 23, 2018, 00:38



142.29 NRVE X 0.00092003 NEO / NRVE = 0.13091537 NEO

OCT 22, 2018, 04:46



1121.58 NRVE X 0.00092003 NEO / NRVE = 1.03188796
I received only 142.29 NRVE and 1121.58 don’t found it what happen with switch. Exchange O3 what can I do to take bake my Token!!!?


can you send us your wallet address at support@o3.network? so we can help checking it.


I think your order did not get filled completely. To give you the most accurate price it can happen that your order only gets partially filled, meaning that your order is still open right now. You can check the open orders from your account page. Click orders on top right for Android, or on iPhone click the … next to your trading account and then ‘orders’.


Hi! First I will thank you for the answer my question, I checked the order completely an the prise for NRVE Token was 0.00080290 many hours my order was 0.00092003 much more than price still I waiting for the rest of my token and now price more than 0.0009800…
The order


Can you also post a screenshot of your assets tab? Preferably with trading account unfolded?


I found it missing NRVE Token on new order strange situation price almost down 10%more than my order does not have complete my order!!? It was many hours around 0.000800300 NRVE /NEO but my order was and still 0.00092003 and know price higher than before… Thanks for your attention


The buy/sell function in O3 is not just a instant buy/sell, it actually buys or sells based on current existing orders on switcheo. If your buy price is too far off it will not find a suitable order, so your order will be pending until someone else fills it.

Sorry but please keep an eye on your orders, as like in this case they might not fill immediately depending on the orderbooks and price you select.