I lost my o3

I transfer my o3 from (o3 BSC Wallet) to my (o3 heco wallet) but the o3 never arrive in my heco wallet. Help me please.


There two different chains using the different token formats, you can not transfer O3 directly.
Actually, the O3 (BEP20) is transferred to your HECO wallet (0x6f…) but it is still in BEP20 format.
So you will need to import the private key of your HECO wallet (0x6f…) to BSC wallet, then you will get the same address with HECO, also can see your O3 on that address.

I did a Swap from O3 bsc network to O3 from etherium network the transaction is completed but the coins in my wallet don’t appear

Could you please provide your wallet address and the THX hash so that we can check the detailed transaction process and find out where is the problem for you?