Importing a wallet


Is it possible to import a wallet to O3 via .dat file, or any other method?


No, not through a file. But you can just use your private key to ‘import’ a wallet.


Used this earlier today when I needed to move a NEP-5 token to a friend’s wallet. Used the wallet with my O3 private key. Worked perfect. I’m assuming the same would work in reverse.


Yep, indeed, it works the same and you can import any other wallet into O3 as well with the private key. Just be careful as copying/pasting/typing your private key is a bit of a security risk, as this information could possibly be intercepted. For example there is this fake NEX extension where people have put in their private key and their funds got stolen. The same thing could potentially happen with neotracker, if someone makes a fake site that looks identical and you put in your private key then you will lose everything…
Not saying you shouldn’t use your private key elsewhere to log in, but just have to be careful you know what you are doing and are 100% the place where you put it in is legit.


Could it be possible to have the option to enter the encrypted key and no private key ? would be more secure as you store it on the mobile.


We’re looking to including the Encrypted key standard -> redoing our onboarding. However, even if you log onto the mobile using the encrypted key, the key still has to be decrypted in order to actually sign/make transactions.

Storing the raw private key in secure location on the device (keychain) leaves an attacker with only one attack vector which is to know your passcode on the device. So I reccomend having a six digit pin code.

Realistically the only way someone cracks a six digit pin code to break into your device is if they have some serious hacking tools at their disposal.

Think NSA/FBI level lol

Exporting the private key is the more concerning part of security, exporting an encrypted file would be a great way of doing this, then you have a much better backup