In New version of O3, to use Switcheo needed my O3 wallet private key!


Hey guys.
When I updated my O3 wallet, I have to enter my O3 wallet private key directly in exchange. I think it’s looks not good idea and it’s maybe caused fall Switcheo token price.
I Like now your opinion.!



Hmm are you using Switcheo on what platform ? I couldn’t see your screenshot. When you use Switcheo via o3. You shouldn’t need to enter the private key. It will ask you to connect with o3 only.


Hey apisit.
Thank you.
I see that the problem solved in New version.
I cross my fingers for O3 team :pray::rose::ok_hand:


That’s previous screenshot

But it fixed when o3 updated to 2.5.1 version.:ok_hand:


Glad to hear. You can access Switcheo from the dApp list too.