iOS FaceID not working



Great work on the recent app updates to sort GAS claims, crashes etc. :vulcan_salute:

I’ve deleted the app during updates and reinstalled a few times, and now FaceID(/TouchID) won’t activate. Only passcode to enter the app. I don’t get any question to enable it.
Is there something I should do to get it activated, or is the function ‘off’ until a future update of the app?


Same here

Pease make it come back it’s so swagy when it does that :smiley:


Hi guys,

Sorry that’s very strange, we weren’t aware of any issues with that.
I guess it has to do something with the iPhone X as all of us are having no issues with Touch ID on the previous iPhones. We’ll look into it, sorry for the inconvenience.



Probably not a priority, but just chiming in to tell the latest update didn’t solve the lack of FaceID.


Im tracking it here

I don’t have an iPhone X, so its a bit difficult to reproduce the issue :sweat:


Yeah, it’s strange as I thought Apple made it like ‘automatically’ an option for FaceID when TouchID isn’t present.
Maybe some biometric security option must be reset in the coding? I don’t know.
Great updates of late anyways! Keep it up, guys! :+1::vulcan_salute:

EDIT: BTW, let me know ow if you want me to beta test.