[IOS] You can download IOS App from TestFlight now

Hi O3 iOS mobile users,

We released O3 ios app in TestFlight as a temporary solution to the trademark dispute problem.

You can use this link to download O3 ios in TestFlight.

If i start the ios o3 app from testflight it directly crashes
iPhone 11 latest ios version

Could you try to re-download the iOS version from Testfight?
Contact us if still crash.

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Hi how soon will iPad & Iphone fixes bein use proper no in test flight?

I’ve been using the iOS TestFlight version of the O3 Wallet on iOS 13.5.1 and have not experienced any crashes Or any other issues. It’s running great for me. :innocent:

If you are having issues, check to ensure you have the latest release by launching the TestFlight app and downloading any available updates for the O3 Wallet application.

If that doesn’t resolve the crashes or other issues. Backup your your private keys, delete the O3 application from within TestFlight, Reinstall the application, import your keys. And you should be all set. :mechanical_arm: :sunglasses:

I had an O3 wallet in 2017 and I tried to recover it, but this TestFlight version is not accepting my private key

Help please

Please DM me or join our telegram chat: https://t.me/O3Wallet