Is it still possible to have total of all addresses?


After updating to resent version of O3 I can’t understand if I can aggregate all watch addresses? It seems that now I need to login to each specific address providing a private key for each? Used to be just entering the address to watch. Please advise.


Hello, you can still see a combination of all your wallets.
In the portfolio you can swipe to the right on the top. Keep on swiping to the right until you get a screen that shows ‘Combined’. This shows the total value of all your entered wallets + watch addresses.

You can also still add watch addresses if you want, it doesn’t have to be a wallet where you have the private key off necessarily. In the settings menu just click ‘Manage Wallets’, then click ‘Add Wallet’ and fill in the address that you want to see the balances of.


Thank you. I was able to find it.

Can you help me understand why Wallet now suggest creating new private key and password for each wallet? If I have to 10 wallets do I need to create a new 10 different account passwords to use them? What’s the point? Thanks


Before we only allowed you to have one wallet. This new update allows you to have multiple. Each wallet has a different key so yes if you want 10 wallets you need 10 keys. You can use the same password if you want though. Some people like to have multiple wallets for multiple use cases but it’s up to you, you can just leave it at one if you want to.

We will also work on an update where you will be able to choose to save encrypted versions of your keys on your device and you can open all wallets with your phones touch ID, Face ID or password if you want to.


Thank you Arco. So as if today if I have 10 wallets to manage the easiest approach would be to set the same password for each wallet? face ID to access all wallets would be great, not sure how secure it’s though


Indeed, the easiest approach would be to have the same password for each wallet.
In general Face ID to access all wallets should be secure enough (if someone got through that they would have to do a lot of effort and it would have to be a targeted attack), but there is always a risk, hence we will give users the option to save or not save them in the keystore.