Logging out of Mobile O3 App


I don’t see a link/icon in the O3 mobile app that would allow me to log out. So my wallet just stays open? I’ve restarted my iphone each time but obviously I don’t want to keep doing that. I’m a new O3 user, so perhaps I am missing a very simple solution?



First of all welcome and thanks for using O3!

Technically you do not need to log out if it’s for security reasons. If you just close the app on the background (double click home button and swipe the O3 app up) then it will be closed completely. The next time you start it up it will ask you for your Touch ID/Face ID/Password to login. And to send out your funds it will ask you again, so there’s no way that someone can take your funds without your permission even if the app is open.

If you want to log out you can still do so, but it will delete your wallets and encrypted keys from your device so that is not recommended.

Also if you mean you want to switch wallets by logging out, then you can just add multiple wallets and switch between them. If you go to settings and then ‘Enable Multiwallet’ or ‘Manage Wallets’ (in case you already enabled multiwallet) then you can add more wallets.

Hope that helps!