Lx still pending

Good morning all. I have a problem with Lx transactions.

Oct 12 2019, with the O3 Android application I transferred 139.74999999 Lx to the Nash exchange, but the transaction is still pending processing. Transaction Information f5caf03b7adaedaf70c0961aac23979aa9acb84e9bf6ad21bea179704ac11b2c

Oct 27 2019, with the windows10 O3 application I transferred all my Lx tokens to another NEO address, but the transaction is also still pending. Transaction information 2b86f13fc424fc84dea32cd7ef9709b61bf52d55878826746a057d0d04cf3bc4

Transactions work fine through switcheo exchange.
I think o3 wallet have a problem since Moonlight contract evolution.