MCT Airdrop is coming?


Will we be receiving the MCT tokens?


Yes! We just added MCT. You should be able to see it in the NEP5 Token list screen.


Outstanding. I know that the drop is until 5/10, should we expect a delay in getting our tokens?


Is there going to be any support for Spotcoin Airdrop as well?


Yes for sure :wink:
As soon as the airdrop completes and the token is distributed we will make sure you can see it in O3.


All MCT Airdrop tokens received! Excellent job o3!


Only received 1000 MCT despite having Neo, Rpx, Ont and QLC.


Is this a scam? Is this wallet legit or should I go to a neo wallet?



I getting 4000 mct


Up to 2000 mct. Hope to see it all.


It’s not a scam, we are simply a gateway for users to interact with the blockchain. If you feel you didn’t receive enough tokens please try and contact the MCT team, we cannot change what they give to users.


Seems i have got my coins now. Thanks!