Minimum Hold time to start earning Neo Gas

After how many days you starts earning NEO Gas. I have transferred NEO before 7 days and till show nothing to claim?

Hi, could you provide your public address for us?

My Neo O3 wallet address:

Before transferring more Neo to O3 wallet, I wanted to assure the Gas fee award against holding works well in O3 or not.

May I know what is qONT? I received same numbers after transferring FLM.

Please let me know the rule behind Neo holding Gas earn. After how many days wallet address receives the Gas fee?

Thanks in Advance

Hi rakesh4u119, the Neo legacy network has already stopped generating GAS.
Please check pinned twitter:

qONT is a mapping token for FLM, you can exchange qONT here:

Neo N3 empolys a new mechanism to claim gas. Users can claim gas by transferring neo tokens to themselves.

Thank you so much for your quick reply. May I know how can I swap Neo legacy into N3 Neo within O3 wallet?

Hi rakesh4u119, to migrate from Neo Legacy to N3 network, please take a careful look at N3 migration Guide on medium:

And it is suggested to back up your private key when you create the N3 wallet and be sure to start migration with the latest version.

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Thank you so much.

I could migrate easily and will wait till i earn Gas and then will transfer my additional Neo.

Can we connect BSC wallet with Pancake? i can not see any connect option in O3 wallet.

Hi, rakesh4u119, please see the attached picture.

This shows how to add coin. My question was, if i can connect with pancakeswap or other DeFi platforms?

How frequent N3 gas is paid for holders? I am waiting for my 1st Gas reward from N3 so i can transfer my Neo from Legacy to N3.
Address: NWTJNZcLwj83Lb16C71csaCEVr1W6DLWMu

Hi rakesh4u119,
Please go to the Discover page in O3 wallet mobile and find BSC Defi there, click Pancakeswap to proceed to their page.

Neo N3 employs a different gas-claiming model, users can claim gas by transferring neo tokens to themselves.

For N3 migration, please check the N3 migration guide:

For N3 migration events and rewards, please check the official websites here:



Thank you so much for the guidance. Now i have understood that we have to vote then only we can earn Gas. I am not able to vote because i dont have Gas I have only N3. How to buy or swap N3 GAS to finish the Transaction in

Hi rakesh4u119, if you hold N3 tokens, the gas would automatically be generated. Transfer neo tokens to yourself to claim gas after successfully migrated to the N3 network.

For the buy or swap question, please contact Neo for help/pieces of information.

Have a good day!

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Hello Caroline,

I dont know why i am not able to claim die unclaimed N3 gas. There is no Button in N3 Wallet to claim. I want to Vote in Governance.neo but i have no Gas in N3 wallet. how to claim unclaimed N3 in O3 wallet?
My N3 Wallet: NWTJNZcLwj83Lb16C71csaCEVr1W6DLWMu

Hi rakesh4u119, you can claim gas by transferring Neo tokens to yourself, and the button is canceled because whenever users transact the wallet will automatically claim the gas.