NEO Desktop App


I have my NEO’s on the Desctop App saved… i wanted to send them to a Binance wallet but the Desctop App ist stuck. I cant push the buttom “Send Now” in the end of the proces. I guess it is a technical problem. Does i am the first one or is it a known problem?

Thanks for answer

Are you the ledger user? our dev is working on this. will be fixed next version.
Thanks for your report and patient.

Hei Caroline
Thanks for your reply. No i am not ledger user.

Well i have one but i didnt implementated ledger on the App O3.
I have send you a picture of that. The send now button doesnt work…
Any idea how i can solve this?

Best regards, Mathias

Hi Mathias, please make sure you’re using the latest desktop version which is 3.6.2

Thanks Caroline