NEO/GAS balance issue


I tried to send 20 NEO to my O3 adress, just before I sent the ONT transaction that went through, but I never got the NEO.

Since that my GAS is reset back to specific value (0.00208180) everytime I login to the wallet, also get an error if I try to sync it.

Can you help me?

Edit: My new NEO showed up, but still not able to sync gas. It still resets to said value on login.


Hi there,

Sorry for the inconvenience . There has been some issues with the node sycning in the last few hours that will cause issues with GAS claiming.

We are currently resyncing the nodes and should be back soon.


Thanks for the quick reply, I will try to sync later, still getting error :slight_smile:


Could you leave an update here, when it’s solved on your end? I see it accumulating on neoscan, still stuck on said value in wallet unable to sync.


It should work now!