NEO not in o3 Wallet but shows in Neoscan

I transferred NEO from Binance to my o3 wallet 3 hours ago. It shows as successful with the transaction ID: 3bade22da089d0356e53bcc053a41825e55c885304f5c0c60a984fa3da21d7f9

However it’s showing 0 NEO in o3wallet.

What other information do you need? I’m trying to wrap the NEO into nNEO for Flamingo Finance, and shows 0 when wallet is connected. Please help, thanks!

Alot of people are dealing with issues. I cant send GAS OR NEO from my wallet.

What pisses me off is that you can SEND EVERYTHING TO the wallet.

Take peoples crypto and money, but you cant send it anywhere…very irritating.

I figured out a work around. Seems like o3 wallet uses NEOtube and there’s problems syncing. I downgraded and found an older v3.3.3 of o3 wallet, it synced and works now. Balance shows and was able to wrap.

where did you find v3.3.3 ??

I had an old copy in my download folder from a previous download.