NKN send problem


Hi there,
I have successfully receive some NKN token, but my wallet can send out this token: the wallet freezes than crash when I confirm the token sending. I have tried to use another phone or change the network configuration, the problem is still there. My o3 version is 1.4.0.
Could you identify the problem? Thanks



Hi there,

We’re checking the problem, probably something with the API we use.
Will try to solve it asap, please bear with us for a while. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi brother,

Thanks for your repid response.
I have checked my wallet, this problem happens also in the other token sending(I have tried the GAS in two mobile). I dont know if this is a problem link to my personal wallet. My adress is: AKV7dLBABB4KLjhS6sLWJYHVWuQ9TxLqtD.
Could you check it for me please?
Many thanks



Thanks for the info, we are going to look into it now and get back to you asap.
Most likely some general issue as more people are having it.