No assets shown on the O3 wallet after successful transaction

I transferred NEO from Binance to my o3 wallet. The transactions shows as succesful but the wallet shows me zero assets. I also tried to connect with the Neoline browser extension but the results are the same.

I have the same problem in both o3 and Neoline

seems that many other people are also facing the same issue at the moment. No solution yet

I sent GAS from my NEO wallet and Binance wallet TO the NEOLINE wallet/browser and I, to cant see any thing being received.

I can also see all my GAS has been sent, but for some reason its not showing up in the NEOLINE wallet.

Both of these wallets may be working together and shutting down their services.

Just heard the O 3 wallet shut their stuff down and might not be back up for a week.

Not impressed by any of this at all.