Non-Fungible Tokens


Sorry if this has already been brought up,

But I was wondering- with the rise of NFT within the NEO ecosystem lately (hashpuppies, gladiators, etc) I was wondering if the team at O3 will eventually implement a “collectibles” tab within the wallet that will allow users to see their respective collectibles’ physical appearance. It would be cool to visually see your collection of whichever NFT you hold.

I know this wouldnt be unique to crypto (as trust wallet has this), I think it would be a cool next step and afaik, trust doesn’t display the actual character assigned to your NFT (don’t quote me on that)



Thanks for feedback Justin.
We actually have thought about it back in April. At the time there weren’t any “collectible”. Now it seems like a good time to revisit it.
Visually see the collection and be able to buy/sell/trade would be awesome.

This sounds fun. :grinning:


I agree, hopefully one day in the not so distant future we can see this and eventually see a cross chain market place where users from different blockchains can trade, bid, auction their collectibles, or just show them off :grin:

Is this something you guys are seriously thinking about?


That would be great guys :smiley: