Not able to claim ONG

I am not able to claim unbound ong in my o3 wallet. I guess ong is required to claim ong, but I do not hold the allowed crypto to buy ong. Please donate a small amount of ong so that I can claim the rest of my unbounded ong.
My wallet address:-
Please donate ong or resolve issue to claim unbounded ong

I am also having same issue. Last two claims show -0.05

Im seeking .05 Ong to transfer ONT, can anyone help please, AQzUv8FCAMusE7WeK3TjAc3exCvhL81ZGX

Were you able yo get this fixed? I have unbound ong that I can do nothing about. I also have ONT that I want to move to an exchange but because of the lack of ong I can’t

Can someone help me please? My wallet is


I can send it back to you once I have access to mine. Thank you please.