Not able to send GAS


I’m trying to send gas to another wallet. Sending NEO or other tokens from the O# ios wallet works fine.

But sending GAS gives errors, in the ios wallet it says:
Transaction failes, sad smiley

So i tried sending it via the O3 wallet on my pc. But also not working, it says:
Transer not accepted, wait and try again.

Don’t know what to do now.


Did you updated the app to the latest version?

Yes, sir version 2.10.4 (1) for ios

Please try to add some priority fee or send a small amount of GAS for multiple times.

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allready tried that offcourse.
Tried againg and then the app crashed, send the report just now.

Could you provide us with a screenshot of transaction page?

image image image

Could you provide me with an update?

Please update your walllet to the new version, it works.

Updated (iOS) but still not working.

I cant send GAS or NEO so others are having the same issue.

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@O3admin you say it is working, what is going wrong then?

Dear admin, this is becoming a joke. If you want to become the leading crypto wallet than you need to take this more serious.

Please tell me what do i need to do to withdraw my GAS?

Well…now i can not UNWRAP my nNeo.

Its stuck on the O3 wallet now.

Never mind man, i just deleted your o3 leading crypto wallet.
Not coming back, this is just sad.

Make sure you’re upgrading and downloading the latest version t微信图片_20201009092817

Please join our telegram and consult with admins