O3 - BNB liquidity Poll on PANTHER SWAP Issue

I had $17,000 in the liquidity pool disappear yesterday. In the process of trying to get an answer I was contacted by So called “Pantherswap Tech Support”, who directed me to a website which , of course needed my sead words to rest my Meta Mask account. I was then directed by the same telegram account to deposit $5000 of ETH. At that point the red flag went up.Obviously they were no help at all, and I would be a fool to send anyone $5000 to regain my already stolen $17,000. "

Finally I got so frustrated over this, then it hit me, O3 has skin in the game and would be someone I could reach out to. My main goal is to inform you of this scam, and hope that we can resolve this matter together. One way or another I will stop at nothing to regain my stolen property.

I have taken screen shots of the correspondence between the scammers and myself if you need evidence. I will be awaiting a quick response back from you or your department about this matter.

Your company is a very upstanding and reputable organization , don’t let this effect your reputation with your clients.

Thank You
Robert Denman


We’re so sorry to hear that, but unfortunately, we can’t do anything for the stolen assets as it is how decentralized exchange works. We don’t know about the Panther side, but there are many scammers on different social media channels such as Telegram, discord. So from our side, the only thing we can do now is always to make our contract safety for all users, and also our admin and team members never send you message at first. Please note that official team won’t need your private key or fund to check the issue.

Kind regards,