O3 - BNB liquidity Poll on PANTHER SWAP Issue

I had $17,000 in the liquidity pool disappear yesterday. In the process of trying to get an answer I was contacted by So called “Pantherswap Tech Support”, who directed me to a website which , of course needed my sead words to rest my Meta Mask account. I was then directed by the same telegram account to deposit $5000 of ETH. At that point the red flag went up.Obviously they were no help at all, and I would be a fool to send anyone $5000 to regain my already stolen $17,000. "

Finally I got so frustrated over this, then it hit me, O3 has skin in the game and would be someone I could reach out to. My main goal is to inform you of this scam, and hope that we can resolve this matter together. One way or another I will stop at nothing to regain my stolen property.

I have taken screen shots of the correspondence between the scammers and myself if you need evidence. I will be awaiting a quick response back from you or your department about this matter.

Your company is a very upstanding and reputable organization , don’t let this effect your reputation with your clients.

Thank You
Robert Denman