O3 down again?

Im having the same problem i had a couple wells ago but a little different. The only assets i can currently see are Neo and Gas. Everything else has left my account, i can’t see apps or tokens section anymore. Are these problems going to continue? I may start using another wallet. Im starting to worry about the overall security of this wallet. I wrote several emails the last time this happened to the contact/help center and no one ever replied. Can anyone at least blow some smoke up my ass to make me feel a little better about this situation?

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We are sorry for the trouble and confusion.
Recently we just finished server side transfer, and the node O3 wallet relied on is not stable and sometimes is down.
We just recovered the node and your problem should be fixed now.
Feel free to post your problem here if met more.

Yes, I am having the same issue with O3 Wallet yet again. My coins other than NEO and GAS are not being shown. Does anyone know when wallet will be functional again?