O3 ios iphone 6 error after update


always load and force close after update, cant not open assets, transaction


Sorry for the inconvenience, we are looking into it.
Please try and reinstall the app for now (but make sure you have the private key backed up!!).
Also try and change the node by going to settings- network and use the node with the highest amount of blocks.


I’ve done uninstall 3 x still can not open asset. I am waiting for the latest version update for repair


I have the exact same problem. iPhone X - iOS 11.3.1



Could you give me an address to investigate? You can send it to andreit@o3.network, if you don’t wish to post in the public forum


I have the same problem too. Iphone 8. Latest ios.


Hi Guys I wanted to check in on this issue. One thing that we’ve seen is that over aggressive caching was causing data to not show up properly.

Im noticing a lot less problems, as it is likely that the internet cache has now expired. Are you guys still facing the same issues?


Да. У меня всё без изменения. Открываю вкладку account и приложение вылетает. I still have the problem. When trying to check my assets or claim gas I m getting logged out of the wallet.


I’m deploying a new version 1.3.3, it should resolve most of the issues on iOS. It is currently processing on the app store and will be available as soon as possible. Please let us know the results.


Hey Andreit,

Still the same issue on 1.3.3 and 1.3.4. I can send an email attached screen recording video if you wish.



Hi, we’re still working on it, please download 1.3.5. It doesn’t solve the problem, but it will help us solve it faster. Thank you for your understanding and sorry for the inconvenience.