O3 IOS Wallet Version 1.6.0


I had read that Version 1.6.0 was to be released 06/30 in support of ONT Mainnet mapping. Was this correct information? I didn’t see an available update in App Store. Thank you for your assistance



Yes, this was the plan indeed. Unfortunately the Ontology team needs a bit more time to make sure the mapping (token swap function) works without fault. For O3 this means that we have to wait a bit longer too, because if we release it now there is a chance you will lose your Ontology tokens. We’re sorry for the inconvenience but as soon as we have the ok from Ontology we will release the new version. Ontology has announced all the details regarding the token swap here, please have a look. https://medium.com/ontologynetwork/mainnet-ont-token-swap-notice-关于ont主网切换的说明-4cd38c2fc55b


No worries! I did see ONTO mapping wasn’t beginning until July 9th. I’m sure nobody would start before they would. So version 1.6.0 will not be released until after this time?


It could be earlier, ONTO will not be ready before then but if Ontology team is 100% sure that the mapping works they will let us know so we can release the updates :wink: We keep in touch with them and everything is ready on our side, so if we get the go we will go ahead with the release.


Hi Arco! Any new updates from the Ontology team about the mapping process? Thanks :+1:t2:


It will be released later today, hopefully in the coming hours!!


Psych!! Maybe today or tomorrow now? I don’t know what it has been lately, but there hasn’t been a single crypto hit any of their promised time frames recently! I know it’s not on O3, but every single project has been pushing people back… not good for the space!


Yeah, I’m sorry :’(
We have released the app already 7 hours ago but waiting for it to show up in the Apple app store…


It’s all good!! iOS update available and updated!! Sent my first few ONT to test!!! With this market, time to pick up some more! Thanks, Arco!!