O3 on Windows Store Shortcut


No Icon on Windows Store Desktop
Showing Electron Logo instead


Thanks for the heads up!
Has this just started happening in the latest version?

Will get the guys to take a look at it asap.


Yes as of 1.1.0 it still not showing your logo on desktop


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Do you happen to have a screenshot of the location where you are seeing the electron logo instead of the O3 logo. I am seeing the O3 logo in the store, on the desktop icon, in the start menu tiles. Is there a specific place where you are not seeing the logo?



Omg no one replying


Have you tried update it to the latest version? Can you report back?


Your new Version not available on Microsoft Store


Can you try to backup your wallet, then uninstall the wallet completely. Now try and download the direct download version from the website, and install that to see if the logo shows up or not.


Same no icon but Electron Icon


The new version is in the process of being published to the store, it should be v1.1.8. Could you please confirm whether or not it is fixed. I changed the approach to how to logo is uploaded with the windows store. If it doesn’t work, I will revisit.


its the same logo still Electron icon


Thanks 1.9 Fixed the missing Icons


Thanks again for finding this and confirming it’s fixed! It seems that the logo is still not perfect, as it’s a bit pixelated, but it’s progress! Will look to improve this in the near future :slight_smile:


Yeah resolution problem. Pixelated