O3 to PHX wallet transfer delay/lost tokens


On Friday, 8/31 I initiated two transactions where Red Pulse PHX tokens were moved from my o3 wallet to Red Pulse wallet. The first was for 50 PHX as a test and it was successful. The second, my remaining balance in O3, was not. It is 9/2/2018 and transfer has not been completed. I have screenshots of the O3 wallet for proof of unsuccessful transfer for reference.

In an attempt to isolate to problem, I sent a test amount from Binance to my Red Pulse wallet and within 3 to 5 minutes, the transfer was completed.

Please advise.



Can you give us your O3 address, and red pulse wallet address? Then we can check for you what happened.


Will send you a private message with information. Or please inbox me so that I may forward you the details. (New Account limitations)


Hi. I have the same problem. Sent from o3 to binance phx wallet. Nothing happens. What may be the problem?


Hello, do you mean nothing happens as in literally nothing happens and the transaction doesn’t work? Or you mean the tokens have disappeared from your O3 wallet but not shown up in Binance?

Transfers coming into Exchanges take longer to show up because they process the transactions into you exchange account manually. If it still doesn’t show up in an hour or so please send over your address so we can check for you if it was processed on the NEO blockchain.


I mean the tokens disappeared from o3 and still not shown up in binance. Ok i’ll send you my address if in couple hours they don’t show up!