O3 wallet data not recognized


So awhile back I used the o3 wallet on my laptop to hold some neo and I had a password and private key setup and everything.

It’s been I would say a couple of months since I’ve opened the wallet, and as of recent when opening o3 my account is not recognized and instructs me to open a new wallet.

If it can’t get any worse I’m unsure if the private key I wrote down is correct as I am recieving failed attempts.

I’m curious to know on any steps to recover any data from the o3 wallet on my laptop.

While Searching for o3 files I can see some data, but I can’t acces it since I need an adobe file manager.

any suggestion? Thank you



I’m sorry to hear that. When you say the account is not recognized, does that mean it gives an error or something? Or does it just look like the whole thing is reset and there is no wallet data at all?

Regarding the private key, it sounds like you may have written down one or more characters incorrectly. This could be a capital I (i) vs. a small L (l), a 0 instead of an o etc. Please check these and try a couple of different options as that might solve the issue.

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Yes, the wallet appears as if everything is rest

I’m not sure if this is due to an update or me not using the wallet after awhile.

But while looking through my computer for o3 files, I do see some data files, I’m hoping that could help recover my wallet.

I just don’t know how to start :confused:


Hi again, there should be a file in the O3/storage folder called NEP6_WALLET.json

Can you find that? It should contain your wallets encrypted keys and is used to load wallet data even from previous versions before you update.



I was able to find the file, the size is 123 bytes, and was modified recently last week, I’m concerned when I made a new wallet, I may have overided the file, Is that possible?

But what can I do with the file to check if works?
Could I move it to my new computer to test it?



It normally would never get overrided unless you do something with the files manually…

The best way to try is to move that file to another computer, import it with the import wallet feature in the settings menu, and then see which wallets come out.