O3 wallet giving me blank screen today

When I launch O3 today it’s loads to a blank screen for some reason. Worked fine for months until today. v2.1.7 . MacOS

I’m having a similar problem. After updating to 2.1.7 and relaunching today, I’m stuck on “Loading price data”, and the “My Assets” section is blank. The only thing showing up is my trx history and pending ONG (pending GAS is blank). Win10.

I have have literally nothing but a blank white window. I can get into the “about” section but see nothing else.

Hi having same error with a window popping up
xception:HTTP Exception 502 Bad Gateway

We had an issue with our server. It should be back now. Sorry for the inconvenience. :pray:

I’m having the same exact issue.

@Raiderjonas Just wanted to check in. Has this issue been resolved for you?