O3 wallet is flat lining


Hi o3
I have been experiencing a zero balance, and a flat line on the opening page of the wallet.
All the tokens seem to be there, just the cash value is missing.


I’m experiencing the same thing.


Sorry about that, should be fixed now!


Morning o3
I’ve lost my balance again.


Hi there, yes we are aware of it, very sorry.
It has to do with the pricing API we use, cryptocompare.
We are thinking of switching to a better one.

For now it is back up, sorry for the inconvenience.


Please do switch. The wallet is currently showing a price of $0.90 for ONT (+79.44%) because someone bought 0.6314 of an ONT @ $0.899 on Liquid.com; meanwhile, it’s trading at $0.66 everywhere else. Wildly inaccurate pricing data.