O3 Wallet Lost key



I really need your help guys!
Today I have reinstalled O3 Wallet app on my phone and I can’t log in because I lost my key
I can see my account on desktop version but it’s locked.
Could you please help me to unlock it?!
Thank you in advance!



Is it the same address on both mobile and desktop?

When you import a key into O3 Desktop. It asks for a password to help you set up an encrypted version of the key and store it securely on your desktop. You can unlock the account by clicking at the lock icon and enter your password.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for your response

Unfortunately I cant import the key, I lost it on my phone.
Do you guys have Russian language support? It is little bit difficult to me explain situation in English.


so you were able to unlock the one on desktop?

Can you answer my question whether you are using the same address on both mobile and desktop?
If so, we will explain how to reimport the key to your mobile.


I am a noob sorry)
Yes its the same address.


No worries. Everything is fairly new concept and everyone is learning.

Here is a step by step to import a key to O3 on mobile.

Assuming you have a fresh install of your O3 on your phone. You should see a login with existing key button.

  1. Open O3 desktop and go to Settings (Gear icon on the left). You will see a list of wallets you have in there
  2. Click a pencil icon next to a wallet label.
  3. Use O3 Mobile to scan an encrypted key. Enter your password.

That’s it. you should be able to access your address again on your phone.

Let me know if that helps.


Tried many times
It says Invalid Key


My O3 desktop locked. It shows only public address in Settings.
No encrypted keys.


Please don’t tell me that I lost my account!


Can you post a screenshot of the settings menu of your wallet after clicking the pencil icon next to your address?



Hi guys!
Are you here?



Sorry we were traveling. We have checked the screenshot but it seems that you do not have the key in your desktop wallet either. I am very sorry but if it was on your phone and you don’t have it anymore, then I fear that there is no way for you to get it back. Did you also check your email for any backup files from O3? We ask every user to back it up outside of the device when the wallet is created.