O3 Wallet Mac


Last night I clicked the coinbase link in the O3 Wallet on my mac, my wallet screen went white and nothing happened.

I closed wallet and restarted my mac, when i open my O3 wallet the wallet gets stuck on the white screen the has the blue o3.

I have a 2 year old mac and the wallet has been working fine for weeks now. I deleted the wallet and reinstalled but still same thing… not sure what else i can do.

I can fortunately use my wallet from my iPhone so i am not stuck without access to my coins but i would really like to be able to use the wallet from my Mac.

I didnt see anyone else with this issue hopefully someone can bring some light to my situation


Problem solved

There must be a bad link from the Mac store to download the o3

Anyone else having this issue , you can install the app direct from the website and it should re install over the old app deleting it and then I will work again