O3 Wallet Passphrase - I messed up big time


Hi there,

I can’t seem to login with my passphrase or private key. Is there anyother way you can help me to retrieve my passphrase or extract my private key? Or am I screwed?

Please help!!!



We’re very sorry but the only ways to log in is with either the private key, or the encrypted key + passphrase. You will need to have the passphrase or the private key, there is no other way… If you have a passhprase, I would just suggest to keep on trying with passwords that you use for other applications and check if you are not making any mistakes like typing l (small L) instead of I (capital i) or using capital letters elsewhere where they are not supposed to be capital letters etc.

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I created my O3 account using my Ledger nano S. They sent me by e-mail a private and an encrypted key to access the full functionality. I try to send 1 Neo, I enter the encrypted key but they also ask me to write a passphrase that I never received nor created…


I think you are confusing a few things. If you created it with ledger, then you definitely did not get a private key/encrypted key by email. In case of ledger it is stored on the device and it will never be visible. It sounds like you made a non-ledger regular wallet.

Can you let us know if you are on desktop or on mobile? Also please send your address.