O3 Wallet staking


I had a NEON wallet and couldn’t get my ONT in it. So at the suggestion of a helpful person on Discord i downloaded the O3 wallet and it worked. Then I didn’t have any ONT so I purchased some on an Exchange then sent it to my wallet. Before it showed up I had unbound ONT of 25+ when it showed up there was no unbound ONT and only .7+ ONG claimable?

When I was using the NEON wallet I could click on staking tab and then went to where I could choose a node for staking. But, I didn’t have any ONG so I couldn’t stake. Now I have ONG but I can’t figure out how to get to the staking site in the IOS O3 wallet?



Sorry but I don’t completely understand how you had any unbound ONG if you did not have ONT in your wallet before. Can you send me your wallet address so we can check it out?

Also, in NEON wallet the staking tab is for NEO based staking which is not active yet. For Ontology you can only stake on desktop for O3, so not on the mobile wallet. Please try to download the desktop app from https://o3.network and go to the apps tab. There you can find Staketology which you can use to stake your ONT. It will take you 500 ONT though, that is the minimum stake.