O3 Wallet Testnet - utxo sync - sending fund fails - dApi



I’m getting always this message from the O3 wallet as I try to send funds: “Transfer not accepted, wait and try again.”

Network: Testnet.
Sending assets with neo-python on the command line for the same wallet works without a problem.

Here are some request previews from chrome dev tools:

Our dApp is working with the O3 api, how would I be able to test sending funds?

NEO developer @hal0x2328 comments:

O3’s API server appears to be behind in indexing UTXOs on TestNet - when I test a transfer of NEO after doing a claim, it is still returning the pre-claim UTXO to use as an input (which was invalidated by step one of the claim) so I get the same result as you do right now.

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solved, thanks to the O3 Team