O3 Wallet Update issue

Been using O3 wallet for ages with NEO. Prompts me to update to 3.3.2, downloads to 100%, tries to install and crashes with a script error.

Tried downloading from your site 3.3.0 seems to be all you offer? I run that and installs and prompts me to download 3.3.2, which puts me in the same loop? Crashes once it’s done.

Is 3.3.2 broken? Anyone else getting this on Windows 10?

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Thanks for your feedback. We have released a new update since this question was posted and this should resolve any issues you were having previously.

Our team has tested this release extensively and we were not able to replicate this error you’ve reported.

It’s safe to say that you should not be experiencing these crash problems any longer.

You can download the newest release directly from
Our website. [https://o3.network](Official O3 Wallet Download)

Thank you for your continued support! :grin::+1:
Let us know if you encounter any additional problems. Regards for now!