O3 Wallet values always incorrect


Please can the value of Soul (Phantasma) and market cap information be updated to correct price? it’s totally incorrect and makes my wallet look healthier than it actually is. The current value is around $0.053c

Thanks very much :+1:t2:


Unfortunately price data for some NEP5 tokens is quite difficult to get. Some of these prices come from Switcheo as they are the only place we can get pricing from but because of low liquidity it is not always accurate. We recheck options for price data frequently and if there are any better options to get accurate pricing we switch the source of data.


Okay, thanks Arco, but Switcheo show the price at $0.054c :thinking:

It’s not a problem, just be nice to have the correct price… Cheers!


I just changed it back to Switcheo from the other API we use (cryptocompare) as that was indeed less accurate than Switcheo, sorry about that. I think it should show correctly now.


You’re a Star, thanks Arco :pray: